Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BOSM 2008 is closed

BOSM 2008 ended on 14th September, 2008. The 23rd edition of BOSM saw great participation and really good enthusiasm. This proves that it remains one of the best sports fests at an undergraduate level.
At the BOSM English Press, our work is done. The last issue has been put out. The last post blogged. It was fun working and experimenting with new things. The team did a brilliant job. And you the readers encouraged us. With over 4100 views from all over the world, lots of alumni reaction, the blog generated a very good response. So much so that when you google 'BOSM 2008', the first result is this blog. Even above the official website. Our print issue Third Base was well received on campus. The panel discussion we hosted this year for the first time threw up some interesting points and saw the participation of an eminent alumi who has played at the national level and today heads a public sector undertaking and decorated sportspersons from around Pilani.
Thank you for your response. At the English Press Club (of which BOSM English Press is a fest press arm) we are constantly working to keep you aware. Our next fest press is the OASIS English Press. The details will be publicised soon. We are looking forward to hearing from you at epc.bits@gmail. Till the next edition of BOSM, adios!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Correction in the medals tally

An error has occured in the preparation of the medals tally. It is stated that Zakir Hussain, Delhi did not win any silver medals. However, they did win a silver in football. Since BEP compiled this totally from scratch, I guess we missed out on this medal. The error is sincerely regretted.

Final Medals Tally

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Live Text - Make Yourself Heard

This BOSM, BEP presents you—the readers—with an opportunity to make yourself heard. SMS your comments and experiences regarding BOSM to any of these numbers—9928169121, 9983525850, 9983525948, 9983526080, 9772974558. Or mail in the same to And we will put up what you have to say on our official blog at